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Seafood Platter

Calamari, prawns, squid rings, scallops, fish bites

Cake Platter

Cake Platter

Assorted muffins & cakes

Fruit Platter

Fruit Platter

Watermelon, oranges, kiwifruit, rockmelon, honeydew, strawberries, pineapple

Cold Meat Platter

Cold Meat - Cougars Cafe and Catering

Chicken, ham, roast beef, roast pork, mortadella, salami, corned beef, egg, cheese, tomato, celery, carrot

Hot Food Platter

Hot Food Platter - Cougars Cafe and Catering

Spring rolls, samosas, meatballs, sausage rolls, party pies, party quiches, chicken wings, chicken schnitzels, tuna patties, satay sticks, salmon and corn tart, chicken kiev balls, chicken voulavonts, fish bites, savoury bites, vegetable patties, aranchini balls, assorted pastries

Mixed Sandwich Platter

Mixed Sandwich Platter - Cougars Cafe and Catering

A mixture of meat & salads, egg, curried egg, vegetarian, tuna, salmon etc on white or multigrain bread